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. blackmailed by a network of male prostitutes. cnn international anchor, becky anderson, joining us live now from rome with more. becky, an emotional moment for catholics, for the pope. but all under this cloud of suspicion as well, right? >>. >> reporter: here in italy, storm clouds over vatican city, which is just behind me here. the spiritual and government seat of the roman catholic church. 1.3 billion catholics around the world. today, the pope, pope benedict xvi taking mass, it was his last public blessing. in st. peter's square for the tens of thousands who were gathered. but really the italian media absolutely abuzz with these allegations that a network of gay clerics may have made themselves vulnerable to blackmail, by male prostitutes. let me just tell you, fredricka, what the vatican has said. they've been very quick to rubbish these, ha they call rumors saying, and i quote, it's deplorable that as the time for the roman catholic church to elect a new pope approaches, they are talking of course about the conclave which will be mid march sometime. after the pope has resigned. a ras
. guys? >> all right, becky anderson, thank you very much. we'll check back in with you. >>> here to help us walk through today is monsignor rick hi hillgartner. i wanted to walk through what is going to happen today when the pope meets with the cardinals. can you walk us through that? >> sure. >> yesterday in st. peter's square there were upwards of 50,000 people or more giving that public witness. this will be the most with his closest collaborators over the years. the pope's personal collaborators are the bishops throughout the world and in a particular way it's the cardinals standing at the heart of those, many of the cardinals of the people who workday to day in the vatican who work with the pope on a regular basis. who see him week in, week out. the rest of the cardinals spread throughout the world, still, the closest collaborators of the pope. he knows them all by name. so it will, i think we'll see kind of a departure of a friend. >> for this pope, especially, he in and away is a creature of the cardinals. he was dean of the college of cardinals. he must feel a particularly close
to a vatican involving priests and male prostitutes. becky anderson is live with more. good morning, becky. >> they say a week is a long time in politics, but an hour is a long time in politic there. there is a news briefing going on for journalists as we speak. i'll get you as many of the lines out of that as i can. bombshells coming sort of right, left and scepter this morning out of vatican. let's start with that breaking news on the top brit tissue cardinal. cardinal keith o'brien who has resigned. the pop has declared that today. we are told he talked about his resignation to the pope back in november. he was of ailing health and at 75 he thought he should go. but his resignation hasn't been announced, nor was it going to be until his birthdate on march 15th. as of today, the top british cardinal has resigned. only british cardinal that would have been here for conclave, which we are told out of his press conference this morning won't be announced before march 1st. it could still happen now before march the 15th. so breaking news is the news out of britain today, he will no longer be
will likely set the stage for the academy awards in two weeks time. becky anderson, cnn, london. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm deborah feyerick in this morning for randi kaye. it is 7:00 and we're so glad that you could join us here this morning. we begin this hour with the massive multistate manhunt for a rogue ex-cop who apparently has vowed vengeance on the men and women he used to work with. police are on alert in three states, california, nevada and arizona. and in mexico for any sign of christopher dorner. by land and air, search teams are combing the mountainous resort area of big bear what i can where dorner's truck was spotted thursday. he's accused of killing three people, including a police officer and the daughter of a retired cop. police say it's just a matter of time before they catch him. >> we're coming together today to catch mr. dorner. what that means is we will look under every rock, we will look around every corner and we will search mountaintops for him. the riverside police department is pledging all of their resources to this effort. >> police are urging dorner t
papal elections and transitions. and in the field, we have ben we'der man and becky anderson who will tell us what's going on much closer on to the basilica. john, this is an extraordinary moment. it is truly unprecedented. we can go bhak to pope gregory, but even longer than that, seven centuries ago when a pope stepped down voluntarily. put fuss the picture of how much of a chunk this is. >> well, when you cover an institution that has more than 2,000 years of history like the catholic church, you don't get a chance to use the phrase unchartered waters very often. but that truly is where we are. the only real precedent for this is 1294. and shortly after he resigned, he was in prison and died. so this is a completely new situation in which we'll have a retired pope living briefly at the pope summer residence, will eventually relocate into a monastery. and it will be very interesting to see how it plays out. >> again we keep using this unchartered because there has not been in 600 years a living pope and a living pope emeritus. we know that he'll be called pope emeritus, still c
gandolfo, about 15 minutes by helicopter outside of rome. our becky anderson is there. good morning, becky. >> reporter: good morning to you. final preparations being put in place at castel gandolfo in the main town square for the arrival of a very honored guest. this diocese is very much associated with popes. castel gandolfo behind me, 400 years this has been the summer residence of a succession of popes getting away from the heat of the roman summer. it sits over the most wonderful lake. and the perfect, perfect place to spend a period of time in quiet and contemplation. that is exactly what benedict xvi will do when he arrives here. he's here for a couple months before he goes back to the vatican where they are redoing an apartment for him there, an old monastery that's being redone for his period of time when effectively goes into isolation. before that happens, today, he flies in by helicopter. he has his own pilot's license but i'm told he won't be flying the helicopter today. he'll arrive here at about 5:15 local time, about 5:00 or so hours from now. we'll see him appear at the wi
. sounds like a movie, guess what, it is. >> but a real-life story in denmark. in the 1800s. becky anderson takes us to an inside look. an oscar-nominated movie. >> reporter: it's a story that's gripped denmark for generations. a love triangle involving a mentally ill danish king, his most trusted adviser, and his adulterous teen age wife. now this 18th century scandal has come to the silver screen thanks to danish writer/director nikolai alstad. it fellows much darker and much grittier than a hollywood historicial or period piece, was that intentional? >> we really tried to stay very close to the characters and try to be intimate with them and try to understand how it would be to live in that world at that time, and experiencing all the things instead of pulling back and looking at the nice dresses. >> reporter: the film stars matt nicholson in the lead role but took a risk as casting two unknowns as the couple. tell me about the casting. the king, i believe he's still in acting school, and alicia who plays the queen was unknown when you cast her. what were you thinking? >> i was trying fi
. big names, big movies, big drama. becky anderson has more. >> reporter: we have the golden globes, screen actors guild awards, directors guild awards. still plenty of red carpet for the stars to walk yet. next leg, the bafta awards in london on sunday. >> you of all people should know that once you're on their list, you never get off. >> reporter: zero dark 0 is indeed on the list for b30 is indeed on the list for best film. it's up geagainst argo. and apparently they can teach a tiger to act. life of pi has nine nominations and with les mis in the mix, competition is fie
. everyday life? bring it. bounty basic. now costs even less. >>> very good morning from rome, i'm becky anderson and these pictures of the tens of thousands of pilgrims that are gathered at the vatican to hear pope benedict xvi give his final blessing. he will pray the last angelus of his pontificate. tens of thousands, if not 100,000 there in vatican square. no real surprise. after eight years on his pontificate standing down the announcement february 11th saying he would resign. we'll see him in general audience on wednesday and then he will leave here, the vatican on thursday. you are now looking at benedict xvi at his window. let's listen in. >> dear brothers and sisters, thank you for your affection to the transfigueration. that while praying jesus transfigured his profound experience with the father due -- he went to the mountain to gather with john and james, the disciples always present in manifestation. the lord who declared his death offered an anticipation of his glory and, given the transf transfiguration. this is my son, the chosen one. representing the law of the old allia
controversy. our becky anderson has details. >> reporter: frederica, it was a very frail and tired looking pope benedict xvi who addressed tens of thousands of pilgrim house are gathered in the square at st. peter's behind me to hear what was the pope's last public blessing. he had said sensationally only a week and a half ago that he was resigning because he was of ailing health and that he was too old for the job. but now, questions around who knew what when storm clouds gathering over the roman catholic church. the italian media is abuzz with allegations, a network of gay clerics play is made themselves vulnerable to blackmail from male prostitutes much the vatican has responded to those allegations by saying, and i quote, "its dees morable that as the time for the roman catholic church to elect a new pope approaches," talking, of course, to the conclave, a rash of then invent ready, unverifiable or completely false news stories has appeared. to add to this, british media public stories about the top scottish cleric and only eligible british cardinal for conclave reporting that four pri
. there are also the baftas. big names, big movies, big drama. becky anderson has more. >> reporter: we have the golden globes, screen actors guild awards, directors guild awards. still plenty of red carpet for the stars to walk yet. next leg, the bafta awards in london on sunday. >> you of all people should know that once you're on their list, you never get off. >> reporter: zero dark 0 is indeed on the list for b30 is indeed on the list for best film. it's up geagainst argo. and apparently they can teach a tiger to act. life of pi has nine nominations and with les mis in the mix, competition is fierce. they could all be sent packing by "lincoln" which leads the list with ten nominations. >> a common notion is this, things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other. >> reporter: that's all very well, mr. president, but daniel day-lewis is red carpet royalty, up for his fourth bafta, not to mention history making third oscar for best actor. >> big films to small french films, some really well established names. and then some people, you know, like ben affleck who is on the lis
from rome, i'm becky anderson and these pictures of the tens of thousands of pilgrims that are gathered at the vatican to hear pope benedict xvi give his f
him accessorizer of the year from esquire magazine in 2007. becky anderson joins me live from rome. let's just, on the lighter side off the top, explain to me the long tradition behind the red loafers. >> coming to me, for all things sartorial about the holy see. this is the tradition that dates back to ancient rome when the emperor, the empress or the pope could wear red shoes. the sense is of the glory of everything ancient rome. and, you know, in fact, princess diana ended up wearing red shoes as well. but it is the pope, as i say, and only the very most important of those running this country and indeed that being the state vatican city behind me. you're absolutely right to say he's, though, chosen as he moves on, one assumes the new pope, whoever that will be, will be in red shoes once again. he will be wearing brown loafers. it is a lovely little story in mexico, a little town in mexico, he was given a pair of brown loafers, which he absolutely adores and says that's what he wants to wear going forward. brooke? >> sartorial items aside, becky anderson, let's talk privacy. pop
in isolation. soledad? >> becky anderson for us, thank you, becky, for walking us through what will happen later this afternoon. >>> we also know there will be no internet access at casa marta, the vatican has declined to say whether blackberries and iphones and blacktops will be taken away from them, shut off the international access. benedict xvi will not get advanced notice of who his successor will be if he apparently will find out when the rest of the world does. >>> want to get to our team this morning, monsignor rick hillgartner is with us, matt miller is with us, a "washington post" columnist, former senior adviser in the clinton white house budget office, ryan lizza is a cnn contributor, washington correspondent for "the new yorker" and father edward beck is here with us to talk about who might be next. as much as i was poking fun at christiane and john allen, we'll talk about who realistically might be the next pope. we'll talk about it straight ahead. special coverage of the pope's final day will start at 10:00 a.m. eastern on cnn, chris cuomo and erin burnett and christiane ama
abused young men studying to be priests in the 1 980s. becky anderson live from rome with more. >> christine, an absolute bombshell out of the vatican. the british media, publishing stories of allegation that cardinal keith o'brien involved in inappropriate behavior with four priests, three current priests and one former priest in the 1980s. should have been at mass on sunday. the congregation told of the reports and that the pope is aware of them. he is resigning today. as far as we understand it from the vatican, he actually tendered his resignation back in november and cited ill health. he was 7 and should go. that was expected to happen over the next few months. but today, february 25th. the hope has actually said he wants his resignation today. in response, cardinal keith o'brien. remember this is britain's top cardinal, and the only man in the u.k. had involved in what will be conclave in two or three weeks' time at vatican city. he has said today, and i quote, i have valued the opportunity of serving the people of scotland. looking over my years of ministry to any good i
that will soon be convened. it is full of ritual and secrecy. becky anderson has our report. >> reporter: this is st. peter's square in the vatican city, the spiritual and governing seat of the roman catholic church. and it's here that tens of thousands of pilgrims gather to a wait the election of a new pope. and it's here behind me just in the corner in the vatican sistine chapel that the new pontiff is chosen. the sistine chapel was designed to be the papal chapel, one of the world's most famous balance riss. galleries. and it's here that the conclave of cardinals is held. 115 cardinals are expected to gather to invoke the holy spirit for assistance before electing a pope by secret ballot. they're cut off from the outside world will choose a leader. during the period of conclave, the cardinals will be staying in accommodation just over there. they will be pussed in. and on the first day of conclave, eligible cardinals may hold a vote. if there is no result, on subsequent days they will vote twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. until someone receives a vote of two-thirds plu
of benedict xvi while he's still pope. he steps down less than 24 hours from now. cnn's becky anderson is on the scene. >> reporter: just making my way up to st. peter's square. i can already see, there's enormous crowd up here. i would sea at least 100,000, if not more. this is the pope's last general audience, and just behind me here, they've got a road, some kcordoned off all the way aroun st. peter's square, and these crowds here are waiting to see the pope, pope benedict xvi, come past in his popemobile. it's really the most extraordinary atmosphere. it's an absolutely beautiful day and there are flags from all over the world. you can see a mexican flag there with the vatican flag. there's a chinese flag, i can see a ukrainian flag right there in the crowd. and a really peaceful atmosphere. >> we came from mexico for today. >> reporter: and how does it feel to be here today? >> amazing. really. >> it is amazing. >> very gorgeous experience, really. >> it never is in your lifetime that a pope resigns. i think only once, so -- >> reporter: 600 years ago. >> yeah. >> reporter: as the
flew to a hilltop retreat and formally resigned cnn's becky anderson has more on the ceremony of this historic day and what's next for the catholic church. >> reporter: it was here at castel gandolfo that we witnessed history earlier on thursday, from the window up there, benedict xvi gave his final blessing and thanked the audience here for their fondness, their love, and support. his closing remarks, thank you and good night. and then this. >> it was, at this moment, that pope benedict xvi gave up the mantle of the papacy and cloisters himself away for a life of prayer and reflection. an event unprecedented in the last 600 years. a moment of history in the modern age. his vatican guards symbolically abandoning their post, leaving behind a man no longer with the authority to pronounce infallibly, no longer leading a church numbering billions of believers. the legacy of benedict's papacy has yet to be determined, but there is no doubt that the roman catholic church is feeling bruised, struggling with a series of crisis, financial, moral. benedict's final words to the faithful,
on the helicopter and flying there and will give his final address as pope. becky anderson is there for us. becky, it's going to be a celebration there. there will be some sadness too. we were talking about how, though, the people who were arriving there to see the pope would be having torches, things like that. tell us what you're seeing right now. >> reporter: it's a remarkable atmosphere here. let me just get the cameraman to open up so you can just see the crowd here, the square in front of castel gandolfo is absolutely packed. there are about 10,000 people here. they are local residents and they have been praying the rosary for the past ten or 15 minutes. the pope will depart the vatican in ten minutes or so and will arrive here at castel gandolfo at 5:15 local time. less than half an hour from now. and it was quite a party atmosphere ahead of this but now a very quiet and very reflective time here for those who have such an association with the papacy. castel gandolfo has been the summer residence for popes over the last 400 years. get out of the heat of rome and come here in the summer. it
the first papal resignation in 600 years. here's cnn's becky anderson. >> reporter: carol, bombshell at the very top of the roman catholic church. the vatican announcing today that the pope has accepted the resignation of cardinal keith o'brien. this is a man who will be 75 next month who he says had decided to stand down in november. but the resignation has now been brought forward. and the timing -- well, you couldn't make this up, could you, just three days away from the pope's resignation. we hear the conclave will be mid-march, possibly before march the 15th. we won't know that until march the 1st. but this was a man who was eligible to vote at that conclave, at the election of the new pope. whether he will do that is yet to be determined. carol? >>> and take a look at this. new pictures shot outside the national weather service in amarillo, texas, near whiteout conditions there causing flights in and out of amarillo's national airport to be canceled. as you might expect, several highway accidents reported. this is what it looks like this morning in denver as colorado digs out f
to becky anderson in rome this morning. >>> top trends on cnn.com. the mediterranean diet, getting a big thumbs up in a just published study. john loves it. this is what they found. benefits were so clear, spanish researchers say they decided to end the study early, after about five years, saying it would be unethical not to. they followed more than 7,000 people with heart disease risk factors, some followed a low-fat diet, but those who followed a mediterranean diet with extra virgin olive oil, nuts, and even wine at dinner were 30% less likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke, or death associated with cardio vafk collar disease. >> i like the wine, olive oil, but not so much the fish. >> you have to do it all to lower the risk of heart disease. >> die it with a big mac. my modified mediterranean diet. >>> iran put some clothes on michelle obama. the news agency photo shopped the first lady to cover her shoulders. iran also dismissed the winning film "argo" as an advertisement for the cia. about the secret separation to get americans out of tehran during the hostage crisis. >> iranians
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)

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